Albuquerque Chapter Store

We are working to outfit our Chapter members and everyone else interested with quality NMMI Alumni apparel and gift ideas.

We're starting with shirts and Banners printed on canvas



Call Jordy Wommack 80HSG

at (505) 459-8226

You can design your own text

and discuss our latest products!


Full Color - NMMI Alumni Canvas Banners!

Banners are 48" x 20" - Suitable for Wall Hanging

Can be personalized for a Chapter or an individual or event...

Optional Photos for Banners (We'll Customize based on your Preferences):

Alumni Plaza

Hagerman Corner

Headquarters Option 2

Sally Port Flame Guard

Sally Port Flame Guard 2

Sally Port Flame Guard Detail

NMMI Bronco - White will be deleted

Sally Port - White will be deleted

Golf Shirts! ($40 Each)

Also available in Navy Blue, Medium Blue, Sky Blue or any other color!

Show your Old Post Pride!