Photos & Video from 2008 Alumni Muster

Alumni Muster participant comments and views on the 2008-09 Corps of Cadets and NMMI Staff will be posted soon!



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View through North Sally Port from Honor Avenue. This area became very busy two days later when New cadets and their "stuff" arrived.

Superintendent RADM Dave Ellison addresses the Cadet Cadre

LTC Seth Orell USA (Ret) '62JCG introduces the 2008 Alumni Muster Participants

LTC A.D. "Jock" Bownfield III USA (Ret) '66JCG uses a Cadet Cadre volunteer to explain "Alumni Involvement"

SFC Randy Crawford USA (Ret) '52HSG captivated the Cadre's attention with his experiences on the Korean Peninsula

The north end of Saunders Barracks from Honor Avenue

Headquarters Building at 101 West College Loop

Bronco Plaza from the south end looking toward Sally Port and Hagerman Barracks

Superintendent RADM Dave Ellison USN (Ret), Chapter President Greg Rumbaugh '68HSG, CPT Bob Baker USA (Ret) '62JCG, and Lt Col Jordy Wommack USAF '80HSG

The Superintendent talks "Strategic Vision" for the 2008-09 School Year

Commandant of Cadets BG Rick Geraci USA (Ret) '75JCG briefs the Muster Team

New Cadets receiving training from Cadet SFC Lemm of November Troop

Early arrivals included Coast Guard Academy and Maritime Academy prep students

Muster participants get in a quick lunchtime meeting before rejoining their assigned Cadet Cadre members

Cadet First Sergeant Hartmann has a Cadet Knowledge session with the early arrivals to November Troop

Parent Orientation began the night before New Cadet arrivals to the Institute with the Superintendent briefing them in Pearson Auditorium


2008 Alumni Muster Team

Cadets assisting families as they begin Matriculation Day process by dropping off their New Cadets on Honor Avenue

The Alumni Memorial Chapel was used to continue Parent Orientation on Matriculation Day

Cadre Cadets and New cadets begin forming up for their first Formation & March on Matriculation Day

The Headquarters Troop New Cadets with Cadre Leaders on Matriculation Day

Alumni Muster Team members Ira "Steve" Davis '71JCG, Bob Gowan '48JCG & Randy Crawford '51HSG with HQ Troop Staff

New Cadets were welcomed, processed, and effectively trained in a matter of hours on Matriculation Day

The Alumni Muster Team began a new tradition, lining the way into Bronco Plaza for the first cadet Formation & March

The Corps of Cadets of New Mexico Military Institute begin School Year 2008-09

Commandant of Cadets BG Rick Geraci USA (Ret) '75JCG debriefs Muster Team in his Conference Room

Muster Team Chief LTC A.D. "Jock" Brownfield III USA (Ret) covers the initial outbrief items of the Muster Team

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